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Contact Lens Manufacturers


We fit the complete families of each of these contact lens companies at “1-800” prices:

  • Alcon / CIBA Vision  (Dailies, Air Optix Night and Day and Aqua, Focus, Freshlooks…)
  • CooperVision  (Biofinity, Proclear, Biomedics, Avaira…)
  • Johnson & Johnson / Vistakon  (Oasys, Acuvue Advance and Acuvue Colors…)
  • Bausch & Lomb  (PureVision, Soflens…)
  • A variety of Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lens materials and designs as well as specialty soft astigmatism contact lenses
  • We also feature the CIBA Vision “I can’t even feel these contacts!” Dailies Total 1 Contacts Lenses.

In addition to hybrid hard/soft contacts, reverse geometry and scleral specialty contact lenses, the Beartooth Vision Center is the only practice in Billings and Eastern Montana that fits the medically necessary WaveForm soft contact lenses for corneal conditions such as Keratoconus, Keratoglobus, and Pellucid Marginal Degeneration. Because these conditions affect each person uniquely, any of these specialty contacts has the potential to deliver life-changing improvements in vision for those people who struggle with the distortion and blur associated with these and other corneal conditions.

For a comprehensive guide to contact lens use, please visit here.