We have one of the largest and most attractive optical departments in Billings. With over 1,200 frames, we offer glasses for any budget. Without your glasses on, are you tired of being unable to see clearly what you look like in new frames? Would you like to be able to have a side – by – side comparison of yourself in different frames? Come experience our iPad frame selection technology! Trying on and comparing frames has never been so much fun – and you can share it with your friends and post it on your Facebook page.

Most of the lenses for our glasses are made in Helena, Montana at Summit Optical. Summit Optical is a small privately owned lab that makes glasses lenses for private optometric practices located primarily in Montana. Summit Optical has consistently done superior quality work in a prompt fashion and has an in house state-of-the art antireflective lens coating facility that applies the top rated glare reduction coating in the industry. Their work is superior.


Beartooth Vision Center offers the essential diagnostic instrumentation of a private practice, but also technologies unique to our area, including electrical testing of the eye and visual system, as well as the ability to fit highly specialized wavefront soft contact lenses for keratoconus and other significant corneal and refractive conditions.


Our position in southwest Billings is in the heart of the largest retail area in Montana. With access from two interstate exits (King Avenue and Zoo Drive), Beartooth Vision Center is convenient to local residents and also for people arriving to Billings from the west, eastern Montana and Wyoming. If you are from out of town and plan to extend your visit to Billings, there are a wide assortment of restaurants, hotels, theaters, and other entertainment within 5 minutes of our office.